Clone Engine Rules

Pure Stock classes are changed to Box Stock classes with Maxxis EL tires(no Duro rule) and 2013 AKRA Box Stock engine rules.

Description: Single cylinder,2 valve,OHV 4cycle, aftermarket clone copy 6.5 engines.

Impotant note: All parts must be Box Stock project factory production parts unless otherwise specified in AKRA rules manual. No machining or alteration of parts is allowed unless specifically noted.All parts will be subject to a comparison to a box stock part.(when performing a comparison check,a tolerance of +/- .005 will be used.) Victory Lane Raceway reserves the right to check any motor for legality at any time at the tracks expense. Victory Lane Raceway may also claim any motor at any time at the claim price of $175. If Victory Lane Raceway claims a motor and techs the motor and it is found to be illegal, the driver that the motor was claimed from will not be allowed to race in that class again in the 2013 race season. If the engine is found to be legal the driver may purchase the engine back at the claim price. If the driver does not wish to purchase engine back it will be sold back to any driver wishing to purchase engine.

Fuel Tank requirements: Factory fuel tank may be removed & floor mounted tank used. you may install a flat metal plate in the original tank location for the purpose of mounting throttle linkage & fuel pump.Pulse type fuel pump allowed must be pulsed from the crank case or valve cover.

Carburetor Requirements: Must remain factory stock with choke in. Must use factory gaskets. After market air filter may be used. Air filter adapter must not exceed 1.375 in lenght. Jet can be up to a 42.

Cyclinder Head Requirements: Must be OEM casting. No porting and/or grinding permitted. Valve seats are two angles 45 degree valve face and 30top relief. Stock haed bolts only.Head gasket may be aftermarket,must be stock configuration. No copper or aluminum gaskets allowed. Factory stock rocker arms & push rods. Stock valves only 45deg angle on both valves, no modifications allowed.

Ignition System: Factory system only, no alterations. Kill switch & low oil sensor may be disabled or removed.

Flywheel: Factory only. No alterations of any type allowed. Must run factory stock keyway.

Piston & Rings: Must be unaltered pure stock only. No machining of piston and rings of piston allowed.Can hone and refresh w/new stock rings.

Crankshaft Requirements: Stock crankshaft only. No machining, polishing,addition of material or other alteration of crankshaft is allowed. Stock factory timing gear mandatory and remain in original location.

Bore and Stoke: Stock cyclinder bore is 2.685. May be honed only, NO boring.

Connecting Rod: Stock rod only. No machining of any type allowed. Stock rod bolts only.

Block Requirements: Blocks must remain stock as produced. Governor may be removed. Stub for governor may be removed & plugged. No machining of block allowed.

Exhaust Requirements: Aftermarket exhaust header permitted. This will be small pipe W/muffler. Exhaust pipe with muffler may not extend past bumper. Muffler required.

Fuel Requirements: Pump Gasoline ONLY. NO racing fuels or additives.

Protest Rules.These classes will have a$175 claim rule for engines only. You can protest the karts in front of you on carb & valve train. It is $25.00 for each.You can protest one or more in front of you but you have to finish in the top 3 in order to protest.

***Any carburetors found to be illegal in the Pure Stock classes will result in a 2 weeks suspension and loss of season points!! ***

Box Stock Clones(Clone Lite, Med,Heavy,and so on)

Box Stock clones  will be by the AKRA rules with the exception of Big Pipe, RLV muffler, and Blue or Yellow motor. These motors can teched. $125.00 Protest & $100.00 to except.

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